World AIDS Day

December 1st

When was your last HIV test?

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My Positive HIV Test Story


I had the check up at the clinic because I have heard people talk about catching STDs.

They talked about HIV test before the test. It was a quick finger prick test at first.

I got my result immediately, alone and I was expecting a - you are clean or fine result.

But she calmly and sympathetically explained " … my rapid HIV test result is reactive."

The next thing I know I am going round in circles with stuff in my head, till now.

My world fell apart – could not say a word for a while.

Then they explained the test to me and I listened but I did not hear anything else and then everything went blank.

I hope the test was wrong and or mixed up with some other person’s result.

More blood was taken for more tests, she said it’s because my result was reactive.

She explained but I did not hear it. My time was up, and I needed to make another appointment. 

I sti;lsssssssinWWwww

What happens next

After seeing the professionals and speaking to my best friendI and partner with the support of my advisor still need to have regular sexual health test including HIV to make sure I have not picked up another strain of HIV.

I have added responsibility to actively protect myself and others.  This was stressful and dificult initially but I am used to it now.  I am on a


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