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Sexual, Reproductive and Psychosexual Health Service

This is an open access service for young people, men and women of all ages requesting advice or management of sexual health and gynaecological complaints is managed by experienced clinicians.

Our free and confidential service provides clinical investigations and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI), contraception, and psychosexual counselling. All clients are offered opportunistic screening for STIs, including HIV test.

Health advisors provide pre and post HIV test counselling services and referral to hospital when required.

We also provide well man and well woman health checks, including cervical, breast and prostate screening and advice services in our general clinic all week.

Our Garnet clinic - for men who have sex with men, offering HIV testing, hepatitis vaccinations, full sexual health check ups, and counselling by evening appointment only.

Our U20 Clinic – we provide confidential STI and contraceptive services for under 20 year olds on Tuesdays and Thursdays

                               Counselling service is available anytime by clicking here.

We also run a result by phone, and advice line services.

A special advice service is offered to women and men who have been sexually assaulted.

Specialist psychologist is available to see clients through referral service.

We welcome clients wishing to talk about sex related issues - whether you have started having sex or are just thinking about it!

We provide comprehensive psychosexual service providing physical and psychological help for sexual and relationship problems e.g. lack of libido, vaginismus, erectile difficulties, premature ejaculation and female genital mutilation by special appointment.

Some clients may be referred to specialist hospital for further management if requiring care outside the service objective. We are opened, Monday – Saturday.

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