About Us

MyHealthnet is a charity with an online sexual health service and information resource on health and well-being.

Our organisation also deliver direct community health service locally.

MyHealthnet promotes and enhances community health and wellbeing through – sexual, reproductive and psychosexual health education and health promotional seminars, youth-led health drama, community and social events. 

MyHealthnet, provides opportunity for personal and professional  development through, e-learning and accreditation of such learning as  appropriate through our affiliation with various institutions.  MyHealthnet promotes training and work experience through the 'Educate For Life Programme' as well as work experience opportunity for student and volunteers within our organisation in collaboration with other institutions and healthcare settings.

  • Provide health information, education and recognised accreditation to learners
  • Provide information on local health and social events and services
  • Promote health and well being, through direct health education services
  • Provide online community forums for linking social and educational debates
  • To promote activities of social, charitable groups and healthcare organisations
  • To provide local sexual and reproductive health services see Clinical details


We Promote Learning Opportunity and Involve Member Contributions

Young people are encouraged to help produce newsletter and leaflets, write drama scripts based on their life experience, and to co-produce health events, workshops and conference as well as direct youth drama.

We also produce reader friendly youth focused articles as well as general health promotion papers in addressing relevant health and social care issues relevant to our services and important for enhancing community health and well-being.

Members and non-members can visit the news page at leisure to update themselves about subject of interest. Please follow the link http://www.myhealthnet.org.uk/News/Default.aspx


We Listen To You

To ensure we are listening to you and providing most needed services, we invite you to take part in surveys and research and we give you feedback. Members and readers can suggest topic areas of interest to them once they have registered with us. Follow the link here to join MyHealthnet and to post your comments and suggestions http://www.myhealthnet.org.uk/Joinus.aspx


You Requested an Online Service 24/7

In response to your request, especially during the holidays we offer counselling and advice service to young people under 25 years old. Any young person in need of urgent support and confidential advice can get in touch with MyHealthnet.

We promise to support you and if necessary help you gain access the additional support available to you locally.

MyHealthnet services are entirely free and parents and family members can also get support from Myhealthnet.

MyHealthnet is not a for BME only, anyone in our target age group can access MyHealthnet Sexual Health Service.

after reading can read up articles about http://www.myhealthnet.org.uk/News/Default.aspx




  • To provide knowledge based health and welfare information
  • To provide evidence based health advise to users through message board
  • To provide sustainable service within the remit of MyHealthnet organisation
  • To create and maintain online health and social research forums and to disseminate the outcome of such research
  • To provide access to online health resources for the family
  • To provide links to other health information search engines and databases
  • To create e-learning facilities for professional development
  • To provide assessment and accreditation programme for learners, groups and organisations
  • To create an interactive community where enthusiasts discuss issues of interests
  • To promote an all inclusive and socio-culturally sensitive health promotion resources Contact us
  • To create safe open forum where members are able to share life experiences and social events
  • To provide a platform for health and related lifestyle product sales through e-commerce
  • To provide opportunity for job seekers to register and access online recruitment services
  • MyHealthnet welcomes contracted services from healthcare professionals, organisations and groups


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